Amanda L. Fries

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Amanda L. Fries

Investigative Reporter


New Central Valley district shaping identity

When Ilion and Mohawk schools merge next year, the Central Valley Central School District will represent both communities. But it also will have its own identity. “I want to represent something that’s unique,” Matt Joyce, 13, of Mohawk, said. “Not something that is bland or copied.”. Developing that image has been the job of the 23 members of the school identity advisory committee, which is made up of students, community members and faculty.
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Remington Elementary students, staff say goodbye to school

Hundreds of colorful balloons dotted the sky above the village Thursday after being released by students, faculty and staff at Remington Elementary. Faculty, staff and some students of the Ilion school eyes glistened from tears, overcome with emotion over the realization of the school’s last run. “It’s hard,” special education teacher Kim Obreza said, choking up a bit.
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Mohawk-Ilion school district merger passes

Despite a lower-than-expected turnout, Mohawk and Ilion school district residents approved the two-district merger 2,092 to 867 Tuesday night. The merger passed by more than a 2-1 margin in both districts: It’s estimated that total votes for Mohawk and Ilion were down about 25 percent from October’s vote, Ilion Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra Jr. said.
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