Amanda L. Fries

Investigative Reporter

Poughkeepsie, NY

Amanda L. Fries

Investigative Reporter


Tubman Terrace property manager accused of embezzling funds

From airfare to dinners out to phone and dental bills, Carl Immich allegedly used the federally-funded Harriet Tubman Terrace Apartments as his personal credit card and checking account for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The 53-year-old Immich is accused of abusing his position of authority and charging on the Tubman credit card, writing checks on the Tubman bank account and padding the payroll to benefit himself and others.
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Britton family killer seeks parole

Imagine the man who killed your mother, father and little brother walking the streets a free man. Now imagine the killer is your brother and he tried to kill you, too. This is the thought that haunts Sherry Shafer — the sister of Brian Britton and the only survivor to the rampage Britton went on nearly 27 years ago.
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Slain 6-year-old's father: 'She cared for everyone'

Still scattered throughout the Camden home of Lauren Belius’ grandmother are two of every toy and piece of clothing – one of each for Lauren, and the others for her twin sister, Erica. But now, this rural dwelling is quietly missing half of what often made it so special: 6-year-old Lauren will never walk through the door again and say, “I want you to call me ladybug, Grandma,” Joyce Danough said as she barely held back tears Thursday morning.
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Judge: Trebilcock lacked criminal responsibility in stabbing

A shaking and teary-eyed grandfather of 6-year-old Lauren Belius watched as two balloons — one from him and another from Lauren’s father — floated above the Oneida County Courthouse on Tuesday. “It’s a travesty of justice,” said John Belius Sr., the grandfather of Lauren. “This monster should never be able to walk the face of this earth again as far as I am concerned.”.
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When emergencies strike campus, students prefer text alerts

The shooting on Virginia Tech’s campus Thursday gave a harsh emphasis on the need for an emergency alert system for college campuses. Since the 2007 shooting on its campus that killed 33 people, colleges across the country seemed to turn their attention to the best way of alerting students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency, said John Gazak, a SUNYIT adjunct professor.
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Buildings crumble, contaminates a concern in Frankfort fire

A former manufacturing site anticipated to be demolished soon began crumbling Wednesday after multiple buildings caught fire at Union Tools, formerly Union Fork & Hoe. The industrial site has been undergoing remediation — including asbestos abatement — and was set to be demolished possibly at the end of the month, said Steve Litwhiler, spokesman for the Department of Environmental Conservation.
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