Amanda L. Fries

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Amanda L. Fries

Investigative Reporter


Trump's golf club wants $4 million cut in tax assessment

How much is Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s golf club in East Fishkill worth? About one-third of what it is assessed, according to papers filed by the business mogul’s Trump National Golf Club, Hudson Valley, in Stormville. Less than a month before Trump announced his bid for president, Trump National Golf Club, Hudson Valley, filed a grievance in May 2015 with the town to reduce the private golf club’s assessed value by 66 percent.
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Expert: Utica development headed in right direction

Current assessment: $100,000, which will change when renovations are complete. Some might not be able to envision it, but the Pezzolanellas can. Original marble floors greeting business owners, tenants and restaurant-goers. Exposed beams in loft apartments and a rooftop deck with breathtaking views of the city.
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Commercial Drive development cost several businesses public access to buildings

The state took land through eminent domain in 1998-99 as part of a major interchange of Judd Road with state Route 5A — Commercial Drive. It has been roughly 15 years since Ray Quinn relocated his drapery business to the village of New Hartford, yet still he longs for his previous Commercial Drive location.
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Contractor, New Hartford in dispute over road extension

> New Hartford Town Supervisor Patrick Tyksinski said he's hoping that an agreement can be reached with the developer over the Glendale Avenue extension. Tyksinski said the town sugg... A Yorkville contractor is looking to sue the town of New Hartford due to the lack of action on taking over an extension of Glendale Avenue.
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Big pay at local nonprofits

An O-D review found that half of the 61 top executives at local nonprofits with revenues of more than $1 million had salaries surpassing $100,000 in 2011, the most recent year the information was available through the IRS. Ten of them were earning more than $200,000. Managing nearly $150 million in revenue.
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A taxing issue: Exemptions good for some, problem for others

“They go up every year,” said the 64-year-old Utica homeowner. And with 32 percent of the city’s properties tax exempt, there are fewer taxpayers to bear the burden. “It’s too financially stressing on the people that do pay the taxes,” Vincent said. Tax-exempt properties span everything from churches to charities, fire departments to schools, hospitals to municipal buildings.
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Buildings crumble, contaminates a concern in Frankfort fire

A former manufacturing site anticipated to be demolished soon began crumbling Wednesday after multiple buildings caught fire at Union Tools, formerly Union Fork & Hoe. The industrial site has been undergoing remediation — including asbestos abatement — and was set to be demolished possibly at the end of the month, said Steve Litwhiler, spokesman for the Department of Environmental Conservation.
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Hops revival sprouting, but it can be difficult and expensive

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Out with the inns: Adirondack destinations slowly vanishing

Before there were automobiles, before there was air conditioning, there were the Adirondacks and its all-inclusive inns. While several traditional inns and resorts hold on to a piece of American history, others are being sold to developers poised with a wrecking ball to level the large buildings, subdivide the land and build private vacation homes to bring in the big bucks.
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