Amanda L. Fries

Investigative Reporter

Poughkeepsie, NY

Amanda L. Fries

Investigative Reporter


Asphalt plant still a hot issue in town of Russia

Construction of a hot asphalt plant in the town was put to a halt recently by the town codes enforcer, but representatives for Troy Sand & Gravel Tuesday asserted the stop work order was issued in “error.”. About 100 residents attended the town of Russia's Zoning Board of Appeals meeting to voice concerns and provide documented information that poked holes in the arguments made by supporters of Sand & Gravel.
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Utica Marsh master plan key in promoting wetlands, officials say

It’s easy to ignore the Utica Marsh while speeding by it on the North-South Arterial. The serene 200-acre wetland is a stark contrast to the noisy, urban highway that cuts a swath through the natural habitat that’s home for a number of species ranging from blue heron, to red-winged black birds to cattails growing wild.
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Future looks bright for solar power

Alan Cohen wants to leave this place better than he found it. So for the last three years, Cohen and his wife, Deborah, have been going green. From geothermal for heating and cooling to solar panels for electricity, the Cohen residence on West Road in Oneida is setting an example. “It keeps things local, keeps money in America.
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Hinckley’s costly cleanup

For a handful of residents in this hamlet in the town of Trenton — population 4,498 — a new $935,000 wastewater treatment facility is going to come at a cost. For the next 40 years, about 16 Hinckley homeowners will have to pay an additional $573 in their tax bill each year, Town Clerk Stanley Harris said.
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Buildings crumble, contaminates a concern in Frankfort fire

A former manufacturing site anticipated to be demolished soon began crumbling Wednesday after multiple buildings caught fire at Union Tools, formerly Union Fork & Hoe. The industrial site has been undergoing remediation — including asbestos abatement — and was set to be demolished possibly at the end of the month, said Steve Litwhiler, spokesman for the Department of Environmental Conservation.
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